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Zapya For PC Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

Zapya For PC: Zapya App is the largest growing app in Google Play store which can transfer the file from one device to another. It doesn't use any Wi- Fi or Internet or Mobile network to transfer the files. This app is developed with such a cross- platform which will allow transferring file between different platforms easily. Transfer files form Android to Windows, Windows to Mac and other such platforms. It is better than Bluetooth app in the device, to transfers the videos, photos, documents, music, movies, and other files in quick steps.
Zapya For PC Windows XP/7/8/10 Download 
Here we have brought this tutorial for those who wants to use Zapya For PC Windows. It is very simple to use and can transfer files faster. We have got the tutorial for downloading this app on Windows PC/ Laptop. User can adopt two methods to install Zapya on PC/ Laptop. Zapya. Which includes Direct method and Bluestacks method. Now here we will be looking at the Bluestacks method to install Zapya For PC. This tutorial will help you to install the app successfully and also to use it.Make sure you have good space to install Bluestacks emulator and also a internet connection to download the App.

Features of Zapya App:

Zapya for PC has got so many features that help the user to use it easily. Below is list of features which are given below.
  • It has got free and self contained sharing network 
  • Transfer data to any device without using internet or Wi-Fi connection
  • Share file between phone to phone, PC to Mac and Phone to PC easily in quick steps
  • Files transferred can be of any size and with also unlimited file size
  • Send multiple files to anyone device in your finger tips
  • Transferring, Part photos and Imaging is basic features of Zapya
  • It is free to access and has Chrome cast option to be used in big screen

Download Zapya App for PC/ Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP Using Bluestacks:

Zapya App is very useful app which transfer the files from one device to another easily. We will be using Bluestacks Android to PC emulator to install this app on windows PC/ Laptop. Follow the below given steps to install this app on PC using Bluestacks.
Zapya For PC Windows XP/7/8/10 Download 
  • First of all you need to download and install the Bluestacks emulator on PC
  • Then launch the emulator in your PC and continue with next step
  • Here Select the search bar and search for "Zapya" App in it
  • Find the App from searched list and click on it to install
  • Installation process will take few minutes and will load its icon in Apps menu
  • Open it from the Bluestacks menu and start transferring files easily
I hope you have successfully installed Zapya App in your Windows PC/ Laptop. If you got any doubt regarding this tutorial, then post it in below comment section. Also I Hope that you would like this article and will share this article with your friends.

Best Hookup Dating Apps 2016 - Top Ten Dating Apps For iPhone Android

Best Hookup Apps: We have seen many Dating Hookup apps which are merely no string romance dating applications for free of cost. Sometimes it is important to get off your comfort zone and start having some fun with the help of Best Dating Apps 2016. These dating Hookup apps are free to use and can help people to find one time or hookup dates in their near by locations as well. Such Local Dating apps are very popular as they help you find one time hookups which can spend some lucky and charming time.
We will be discussing about Top 10 Best Dating Apps For iPhone which are free to use and can help you find one string partners as well. We will also cover Best Hookup Apps For Android which will server the same purpose.
Let me ask you a question, are you feeling bored this evening and recently broke with your long time relation partner? Ha, then you should be looking for some Pure and Casual Dating Apps which can be used as Mobile Dating applications for Android and iOS devices as well. I guess these Dating and Hookup apps can also be accessed buy Gay people, so this post also becomes a guide for Best Gay Dating Hookup Apps of 2016

1. Pure Dating App 

Pure Dating Hookup App 2016
Pure Hookup Dating app seems to be the finest working one night match making app for people. The app works in a simple interface where users get to chat on their mutual attractions and get to chit chat before they get down to the business. You can fix a date and place to meet and continue to chat face to face there after.

2. Tinder - Best Local Dating Hookup App

Tinder Best Dating Hookup App
Tinder Dating app works on the swapping based interface where users can find interesting and attractive people in their locality as well. So, Tinder is a local Date finding application which can be downloaded for free of cost and works like charm. It follows a definitive pattern which allows users to meet new people of same interest over the globe in their own neighborhood,

3. OKCupid

OKCupid Dating App 2016
OKCupid is considered to be the best and finest working dating application in the world. It has received great reviews on Google Playstore and other online stores for effective approach of finding partners easily through similar interests.
So thank you guys for reading this guide about Best Free Hookup Apps For iPhone which are the most Popular Dating applications and can be accessed by anyone, 

Drastic DS Emulator APK Full Version - Download Drastic DS Emulator APK Cracked Free

Drastic DS Emulator for Android is one of the best Android Nintendo DS Emulator to play Nintendo games. It is an emulator for Android OS which allows you to run any Nintendo DS based game easily at good speed. In this guide you will learn how to download Drastic DS Emulator APK for android and install it easily.
We all love Nintendo games but the worst part being is that we cannot have DS and related games everywhere. So, the best option would be to get Drastic DS Emulator APK for Android and download it for free. The app emulator will let you download, and play different DS Games without any error at good speed. You will know how it feels to play the best DS Games on Android smartphone using DS Emulator APK.
Drastic DS Emulator APK Full Version
The app has so many good features like high resolution mode which is in 3D and 3D graphics are increased to 2/2 times original resolution. You can switch between portrait and landscape mode whenever you like with just a click. You can add external controllers or make use of on screen gaming controls to play DS Games. You can save your DS Emulator game and progress at anytime and anywhere with save states easily. On the other hand you can also tweak codes from database to play games with high upgrades and finest updates.

Drastic DS Emulator Features – Best Nintendo DS Emulator APK For Android

Well you might be wondering why to choose Drastic Emulator to run DS Games over your Android smartphone. Then you can start reading the app features which will tend you to like this emulator.
  • High Resolution 3D mode graphics with 2 by 2 resolution increment
  • Android TV Support to play games and connect to TV
  • You can play any DS Game on your Android device
  • Audio volume settings in order to increase/ decrease volume
  • Crashes and bugs fixed while playing a game and more
  • Great graphics and UI makes the gameplay much better
  • Supports 7zip and ZIP formats as well
  • Save games on Google Drive and Google Play as well
  • Fast forward in order to speed up the game emulation
  • Supports in game save files and save states
So now you can start reading how to download the Drastic DS Emulator APK for free by following the below steps.

Drastic DS Emulator APK for Android Download - APK Cracked Free Download

I guess you are very much excited to get this DS Emulator on your Android device pretty much. If yes, then start reading the download and installation guide below.
Download Drastic DS Emulator APK Cracked Free
  • So first you need to download Drastic DS Emulator APK for Android from here
  • Next save and transfer the APK File to your Android device
  • After that click on the APK File and begin to install the app
  • Wait as the installation takes time and shows progress bar
  • After sometime the app has been installed and icon appears in menu
  • Finally you have installed Drastic DS Emulator for Android easily.

Download Drastic DS Emulator Full Version Cracked Patched All Versions

I have shared a list of Drastic DS Emulator full version APK list which are paid and cracked, so does not require root process. You can get Emulator for Lollipop, Marshmallow patched from Zippy with no license as well.
  • drastic ds emulator apk vr2.4.0.1a
  • drastic ds emulator apk vr2.3.0.2a
  • drastic ds emulator apk vr2.3.0.3b
  • drastic ds emulator apk version
  • drastic ds emulator apk version
  • drastic ds emulator apk version
Well you can download the Drastic DS Emulator app directly from Google Playstore, as it is available for free of cost for all Android Smartphone users. We will later share a list of best DS Games which you can start playing with the help of DS Emulator on your Android device.

Thanks for reading the tutorial about Drastic DS Emulator APK download guide and make sure to comment your feedback or doubt below. Also share this article with your friends online and let them know more about the Drastic DS Emulator for Android.

Fix ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config’ Error in Chrome

Well we all use Chrome Browser as it is fast, reliable and can help users worldwide to access web at anytime. But not every browser is bug free and can catch errors such as DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” or  DNS Probe Finished Bad Config which is a simple to solve DNS error caused when the browser experiences Bad DNS configuration. The systematic and logical answer would be that the DNS Lookup has failed and the system cannot translate the DNS address when you are trying to access the web. So, In this guide we will be discussing about few methods which will help you solve DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error for Google Chrome browser easily.
Fix ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config’ Error in Chrome

What Does DNS Mean - DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Guide

Before I get into the details of the solution of this guide and problem, let me explain what does DNS mean and this error particularly. DNS means Domain Name System which is used to translate the web address or domain name to any IP Address or vice versa on the web. Sometimes the DNS error are caused due to excess of cache or domain server error which does not load some webpages you want to access. In such case, DNS Probe Finished Bad Configuration error is seen which can be solved easily.
How To Solve ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config’ Error in Chrome Browser
There are different methods which can help us to solve DNS server errors such as, "DNS Probe Finished Bad Configuration" but we would be dealing with the best three methods to solve it.

Method 1 - Reset IP Catalog

This method of solving DNS server error include resetting of IP Catalog with the use of command prompt which can be accessed from accessories option.

Reset IP Catalog

  • First open command prompt by searching of "cmd" in search bar
  • or you can directly access it from accessories menu
  • Next you have to enter netsh int ip reset and click enter button to continue
  • After that type netsh winsock reset catalog  and press enter button
  • Finally you have to restart your computer for changes to take place 

Now the IP catalog will re populate and allocate correct IP Address which will resolve the DNS Server Probe Finished Bad Config error.

Method 2 - Flush DNS 

Flush DNS is one of the best method to solve the DNS Server error completely without any efforts indeed.

  • First open search bar and type "cmd" and select it
  • Then open command prompt as "run as administrator" by right click
  • After that type ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt and enter
  • Now close the command prompt and try openning a new webpage in chrome browser
  • Tada! DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error has been solved

Method 3 - Change DNS Setting

This method is considered to the best and the finest way of tackling this error by manually putting the correct DNS address.

  • First you have to right click on "Network" icon from toolbar below
  • Next select "open Network and Sharing center" 
  • Then click on Local Area Connections and select properties
  • Now a new windows will popup, where select "Internet Protocol V4" 
  • After that click on "properties" button to continue
  • Click on "Use the following DNS Server addresses" and check mark the box
  • Enter preferred server as 8888 and alternate is 8844
  • Also check the box "Validate Settings Upon Exit" and exit
  • Now DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error can be easily solved!

Method 4 - Clear Cache And History 

If the above methods do not work, then there might be no technical issue and there seems to be an error with browser cache. So, what we are going to do next is to delete or remove browser cache and history.
  • Click on Menu button ( Three Lines) from Google Chrome homepage
  • Then click on settings button and continue
  • Select "Show Advanced Settings" > Privacy and Clear Browsing Data
  • Next check all the boxes and click on "Clear Browsing Data" to finish off
Finally we have solved DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error by following above methods easily. Well if you still have any problem regarding this issue then you may connect us through mail or post your comment in below comments section for further assistance. 

Download Bydia For iOS Without Jailbreak - Bydia For iOS 9.2 Phone iPad iPod

Bydia For iOS: Apple has become one of the worlds leading tech giant , iOS their operating platform but they have strict policy regarding piracy and more. So, we come to know that Apple and iOS OS does not allow installing of other applications from outside sources other than App Store. So, In this I though about discussing a new App Store For iOS, Bydia which is completely free to use and can help you get tons of new applications to be installed for free.
Apple has made their privacy part so tough  that we cannot install any app from outsource on iPhone and iPad respectively. I guess everyone loves to download new games but when you get stuff of free from apps like Bydia, then its one of the best option.
Bydia For iOS Download Without Jailbreak

Download Bydia For iPhone or iPad by following this below guide which will explain iOS users to install new apps and games for free of cost. The first thing you need to learn is that Bydia is the best Cydia alternative and in my view it is one of the best in fact. To be frank, Bydia is quite resourceful and is being updated each and every day which ensures that every iOS users gets new app and games downloaded for free of cost.
So you might be wondering that we could have used Cydia to get new applications and games for iPhone and Ipad. But to download Cydia Store on iPhone we have to jailbreak our device which will kill the warranty protected by Apple for their respective device. Where as Bydia Store For iOS can be downloaded without jailbreaking your Apple Device which is the best feature they have. In this way we can download tons of cracked apps and games on iOS without any problem.
So how can use Bydia For iOS, actually we can use it customize our iPhone device to the best with new apps and games.

Download Bydia For iOS 9.2 Without Jailbreak - Install Bydia App For iPhone/iPad iOS 8, 8.2, 8.3, 9.0,9.2,9.3 

So we are now very much aware of how Bydia App can help us to customize our Apple devices to the best. Now it is time to learn how to download Bydia For iPhone 6S iOS 9.2 by following below steps.

Download Bydia For iOS 9.2 Without Jailbreak

  • First open your browser and follow Bydia For iOS link
  • Then click on the "download" button to continue
  • One you have downloaded Bydia, install it next
  • Now the app is being installed on your iPhone device
  • Wait as the installation takes time to complete
  • Once Bydia is installed, the icon will shown up in menu!

Thank you guys for reading this guide about Bydia Download For iOS OS, which can help you to download Best Cydia Alternative. If you still have any doubts then please post it in the below comments section and I will ensure your query is answered ASAP.

WhatsApp Web For PC Windows XP/7/8/10 Laptop and MAC OS

WhatsApp Web: WhatsApp is a messaging app developed for Smartphone device for connecting friends and family. It operates in subscription business model and users cross platform to communicate.  User can send images, videos, audio clips and text messages easily to others. WhatsApp is now having over 900 million active users around the globe which makes it the most popular app. It is now the world most used messaging application. This app has such an intuitive user friendly interface which helps the users to communicate with another around the world quickly. It is now seen that most of the organization which include all kind of working institute, government and companies uses WhatsApp to communicate with their employees instantly.

WhatsApp has introduced its WhatsApp Web application which helps the user to use WhatsApp on PC. WhatsApp Web for PC can be used using your IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and other device. It means that users can switch to PC windows or Mac OS by just following some steps given below. Mostly the users who use system a lot have got an advantage with this new development. It is released for all mobile platforms and recently it was even develop for IOS devices.


WhatsApp Web offers you a lot of features which makes you communicate from big screen devices.
  • Switch to your WhatsApp contact directly on browser
  • Scan the QR code in your device and start using WhatsApp on web
  • View picture and every things as you do from mobile
  • Send large amount of data from your device instantly
  • Connect with high speed internet to have better conversation
  • Doesn't require any other software to run 

How To Select WhatsApp Web On Mobile Devices:

I want to make you clear that WhatsApp Web has developed for entire mobile platform but it has different Sign In procedure for every device. So let's have a lot at where you can find QR code scanner from your device.
  • For Android, Nokia S60 and Windows Phone Devices: Launch WhatsApp then go to Menu and select WhatsApp Web
  • For iPhone Devices: Open WhatsApp, go to Settings and then to WhatsApp Web
  • For BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S40: Open WhatsApp and swipe done from top to bottom then select WhatsApp Web

How To Use WhatsApp Web:

Here is the tutorial which will guide you to use WhatsApp Web using your mobile devices on PC or Mac computers. Note that you need to have latest version of WhatsApp installed in your respective devices.
  • First you need to launch WhatsApp latest version form your mobile device
  • Then follow above given steps by selecting your device from the list
  • Now Open the Web browser in your PC and go to the WhatsApp Web for PC page from here
  • In WhatsApp Web option in your device you can find scan QR code option
  • Tap on that option and scan the QR code from PC screen
  • That's it! now your contact will be loaded and your WhatsApp Web is ready to be used
I hope you're now using the WhatsApp Web from PC successfully and if you get queries at any point, post them in below comment section.

How To Use iTube App On Android iPhone iOS OS

iTube is an amazing free entertainment app that was developed on mobile platform. It bought every videos, movies and music to mobile phones and made them to stream for free. Due of its various and different features iTube App is mostly searched by the users. It has got millions of downloads in very less time and was seen in many devices due to its entertaining features. It make you easy to stream and download the movies, videos, TV series episodes videos, Even Tv videos and other shows videos for free. Also the best past of iTube is that it has got very good platform which is easily understood by the users. The user friendly interface of iTube is all its among the top features.

iTube recently known as PlayTube, so i make you clear that this is the same as then but with varied named and extra features. Also due to some restrictions it was removed from the play store for android users, so Android Smartphone users need an extra software to download the movies or videos from iTube App. For IOS users there is a good news that iTube App is available in their iTune Apple store. Apple IOS users can make their way easy by downloading the iTube App from the Play store and happy enjoy the music.

Note: iTube App is absolutely free to get downloaded and also its Apk file for Android mobile can also be downloaded for free.
Here i will be giving a small guide to use iTube App in your devices. This guide will be same for Android related OS based devices, IOS based device and other devices which have installed the iTube App in their mobiles.

How To Use iTube App - User Guide:

First i want to make you clear that Android users need to download the iTube App from it Apk file and the IOS users can directly download from their Play store. Other respective devices need to follow the procedure by downloading the iTube Apk file.
Download the iTube App in your respective Device by following their procedure.
Open the app and you can find a user friendly look which displays the Videos which are  mostly rated by other users.

1. Search:

Can search your favorite or any videos, music, movies and events videos from search option from search bar or by Search option at bottom right corner. Here you can type their names or any related series of your favorite videos, results will be displayed below. Select that particular video to be played in your device and enjoy its service.

2. Favorites:

This option is created for users to save their mostly viewed and favorite videos, music or movies. Just select the song or video from the list and mark to get added in favorite option. This will make you easy to search them later and listen your favorite songs here. This option also reduces time to search for your mostly listened videos.

3. History:

Many Apps wont give a option of History which will make the user to remember the most recently viewed video. It will make us to download and stream the recently watched movie or song by searching it from history. It keep a full track of all videos you have every watched using this App.

4. Playlist:

Just Click on your favorite videos and videos that you want to listen frequently. Also if you found any video or song to be streamed later you can add them to the Playlist. This option will play entire play listed songs making you easy to stream your selected video or movies.

5. Now Playing:

In this option here you can find the song or video or movie that is being played now. Some apps you take to easily to the now Playing option which will for sure make to step out of the app and to forcefully stop the playing now song.

6. Extra:

when any song or video is being played in your device, if you found it great and want to spread. Then select the + option and share it with your contacts or friend in Facebook, WhatsApp and other software. So make sure you use entire option and enjoy the free iTube service here.