Saturday, 4 March 2017

How To Use iTube App On Android iPhone iOS OS

iTube is an amazing free entertainment app that was developed on mobile platform. It bought every videos, movies and music to mobile phones and made them to stream for free. Due of its various and different features iTube App is mostly searched by the users. It has got millions of downloads in very less time and was seen in many devices due to its entertaining features. It make you easy to stream and download the movies, videos, TV series episodes videos, Even Tv videos and other shows videos for free. Also the best past of iTube is that it has got very good platform which is easily understood by the users. The user friendly interface of iTube is all its among the top features.

iTube recently known as PlayTube, so i make you clear that this is the same as then but with varied named and extra features. Also due to some restrictions it was removed from the play store for android users, so Android Smartphone users need an extra software to download the movies or videos from iTube App. For IOS users there is a good news that iTube App is available in their iTune Apple store. Apple IOS users can make their way easy by downloading the iTube App from the Play store and happy enjoy the music.

Note: iTube App is absolutely free to get downloaded and also its Apk file for Android mobile can also be downloaded for free.
Here i will be giving a small guide to use iTube App in your devices. This guide will be same for Android related OS based devices, IOS based device and other devices which have installed the iTube App in their mobiles.

How To Use iTube App - User Guide:

First i want to make you clear that Android users need to download the iTube App from it Apk file and the IOS users can directly download from their Play store. Other respective devices need to follow the procedure by downloading the iTube Apk file.
Download the iTube App in your respective Device by following their procedure.
Open the app and you can find a user friendly look which displays the Videos which are  mostly rated by other users.

1. Search:

Can search your favorite or any videos, music, movies and events videos from search option from search bar or by Search option at bottom right corner. Here you can type their names or any related series of your favorite videos, results will be displayed below. Select that particular video to be played in your device and enjoy its service.

2. Favorites:

This option is created for users to save their mostly viewed and favorite videos, music or movies. Just select the song or video from the list and mark to get added in favorite option. This will make you easy to search them later and listen your favorite songs here. This option also reduces time to search for your mostly listened videos.

3. History:

Many Apps wont give a option of History which will make the user to remember the most recently viewed video. It will make us to download and stream the recently watched movie or song by searching it from history. It keep a full track of all videos you have every watched using this App.

4. Playlist:

Just Click on your favorite videos and videos that you want to listen frequently. Also if you found any video or song to be streamed later you can add them to the Playlist. This option will play entire play listed songs making you easy to stream your selected video or movies.

5. Now Playing:

In this option here you can find the song or video or movie that is being played now. Some apps you take to easily to the now Playing option which will for sure make to step out of the app and to forcefully stop the playing now song.

6. Extra:

when any song or video is being played in your device, if you found it great and want to spread. Then select the + option and share it with your contacts or friend in Facebook, WhatsApp and other software. So make sure you use entire option and enjoy the free iTube service here.

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