Friday, 3 March 2017

How To Install iTube on iPhone IOS - Can I Install iTube on iPhone 4S 5S 6S Free

iTube For iPhone 6S: iTube  is an very interesting App that supports all the i phones. iPhone users just have to download the i Tub App in there mobile and there after you can enjoy free movies and videos streaming. here you can download the videos and you can watch them offline when ever you are free. iTube allows you to organize  you tube videos in play list. you can watch the history that you have watched before and also you can book mark it.
In this guide you will learn how to download on iPhones iOS platform such as iPad, iPhone and many more.

You just need internet when you want to download the song or a video then you can watch it offline. It saves you mobile battery as well, when every your listening to the music you can power off your mobile and can enjoy the music. iTube provides you a special section were you can find top 100  and different categories. Download iTube for free and enjoy all the amazing facilities. you can set the download music or song to the background.It has also offered offline playback that is download videos or music with internet and watch it offline. you will like this App for sure because these is the App for what you are waiting for your iPhone.


Here are the some important features of iTube by which you will come to know that how good this App is for your smart gadget. iTube provides you many features which supports the iPhone 6S perfectly.
    • iTube provides you to stream videos and music in 100 different categories
    • You can download the music or video with internet and can watch it offline
    • If you want to zoom the video your watching then just double tap on it
    • If you want to see the lyrics then lyrics button is available over there
    • You can add your favorite videos and music to your favorite playlist
    • The music your watching works on background, Music works on background
    • In iPhone 6S you can display media information on lock screen
    • Closes players to the left to set sleep timer
    • Option of quick automatic search on history, playlist and favorite
    • You can rotate to full screen play mood
    • You can set sleep timer as well, you just need to scroll the button to the left 
    • Multiple action on playlist is available
    • To save your time quick search button is available on history, playlist
    • You can skip songs with headphones or iPod
    • Here is a option that you cab rotate to full screen play mood
    • you can stream the videos or music by its key words

    How To Install iTube App For IOS - iPhone 4S 5S 6S:

    Installing iTube For iPhone 5S directly from the Apple iTunes store is not possible now. As this App has been removed from the store due to some issues. So i recommend you to not to download the iTube App from any other store. If you want to get this App in your device, then follow the below given method. This method involve an offline process which needed to download the App file from its official store.
    Note: This process may be not applicable for some devices which of IOS
    •  First of all change the settings in your Apple iPhone as shown below
    • Change the Date and Time to provides day Date and Time
    • Now download the iTube Apk file in your device and save it
    • Install the App by double tapping on it and wait to get installed
    • Then again reset the changes made in the settings
    • The App will be now available in the Apps menu of your device
    So now you can enjoy downloading iTube For iOS iPhone without any problem indeed and start listening to YouTube music and Videos. Connect with internet connection and enjoy streaming the videos for free. Also download the videos or movies in different quality provided.