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Fix ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config’ Error in Chrome

Well we all use Chrome Browser as it is fast, reliable and can help users worldwide to access web at anytime. But not every browser is bug free and can catch errors such as DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config” or  DNS Probe Finished Bad Config which is a simple to solve DNS error caused when the browser experiences Bad DNS configuration. The systematic and logical answer would be that the DNS Lookup has failed and the system cannot translate the DNS address when you are trying to access the web. So, In this guide we will be discussing about few methods which will help you solve DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error for Google Chrome browser easily.
Fix ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config’ Error in Chrome

What Does DNS Mean - DNS Probe Finished Bad Config Guide

Before I get into the details of the solution of this guide and problem, let me explain what does DNS mean and this error particularly. DNS means Domain Name System which is used to translate the web address or domain name to any IP Address or vice versa on the web. Sometimes the DNS error are caused due to excess of cache or domain server error which does not load some webpages you want to access. In such case, DNS Probe Finished Bad Configuration error is seen which can be solved easily.
How To Solve ‘DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config’ Error in Chrome Browser
There are different methods which can help us to solve DNS server errors such as, "DNS Probe Finished Bad Configuration" but we would be dealing with the best three methods to solve it.

Method 1 - Reset IP Catalog

This method of solving DNS server error include resetting of IP Catalog with the use of command prompt which can be accessed from accessories option.

Reset IP Catalog

  • First open command prompt by searching of "cmd" in search bar
  • or you can directly access it from accessories menu
  • Next you have to enter netsh int ip reset and click enter button to continue
  • After that type netsh winsock reset catalog  and press enter button
  • Finally you have to restart your computer for changes to take place 

Now the IP catalog will re populate and allocate correct IP Address which will resolve the DNS Server Probe Finished Bad Config error.

Method 2 - Flush DNS 

Flush DNS is one of the best method to solve the DNS Server error completely without any efforts indeed.

  • First open search bar and type "cmd" and select it
  • Then open command prompt as "run as administrator" by right click
  • After that type ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt and enter
  • Now close the command prompt and try openning a new webpage in chrome browser
  • Tada! DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error has been solved

Method 3 - Change DNS Setting

This method is considered to the best and the finest way of tackling this error by manually putting the correct DNS address.

  • First you have to right click on "Network" icon from toolbar below
  • Next select "open Network and Sharing center" 
  • Then click on Local Area Connections and select properties
  • Now a new windows will popup, where select "Internet Protocol V4" 
  • After that click on "properties" button to continue
  • Click on "Use the following DNS Server addresses" and check mark the box
  • Enter preferred server as 8888 and alternate is 8844
  • Also check the box "Validate Settings Upon Exit" and exit
  • Now DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error can be easily solved!

Method 4 - Clear Cache And History 

If the above methods do not work, then there might be no technical issue and there seems to be an error with browser cache. So, what we are going to do next is to delete or remove browser cache and history.
  • Click on Menu button ( Three Lines) from Google Chrome homepage
  • Then click on settings button and continue
  • Select "Show Advanced Settings" > Privacy and Clear Browsing Data
  • Next check all the boxes and click on "Clear Browsing Data" to finish off
Finally we have solved DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error by following above methods easily. Well if you still have any problem regarding this issue then you may connect us through mail or post your comment in below comments section for further assistance. 

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