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Does Facetime Use Data? – How Much Data Does Facetime Use

Well Facetime is one of the best video chatting IOS app out there and it’s free of cost to download, so every iPhone and iPad user love to chat with one other using this app. On the other hand everyone is wondering How Much Data Does Facetime Use? So, I guess it’s a reasonable question for cellular connection guys who do not use Wi-Fi to know Does Facetime Use Data.
Does Facetime Use Data? 

Does Facetime Use Data? – How Much Data Does Facetime Use 

Facetime is an internationally used application developed by Apple Inc and circulated as a part of their iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. This application has grown to a large extent with more than millions of active users participating in daily video chatting and calls to other guys, from one part of the world to the other. So everyone who loves to use Facetime might also understand that there are certain things that they need to know as well. Important and foremost part is Facetime use Data or Wi-Fi connection in order to video call.

Does Facetime Use My Cellular Calling Minutes?

No, Facetime does not use any data from the Cellular Calling Minutes in any form or way. So, every Facetime users can happily be assured and know that this app does not make use of your Main Balance or Cellular Main Balance.

Facetime Data Usage From iPhone to iPad 

 Now we discussed `whether Facetime uses data and yes it does but it does not make use of any data from Main Cellular connection. So I decided to talk between an iPhone to iPad in order to check how data is consumed on Wi-Fi and Cellular Data. Also make sure that I made use of 3G Data to make Facetime to Facetime call from iPhone to iPad.
How Much Data Does Facetime Use 

  • Voice Call/ Video Chat: From iPhone to iPad 
  • Time Duration: 20 minutes 
  • Internet Speed (both Wi-Fi and Data): 4 MBPS 
  • Network: 3G to 3G 
  • Total Data Used: 64 MB 

So I will be wrapping how much data is used in both seconds, minutes and hours.

  • Data per second: 0.051 MB 
  • Data per minute: 4 MB 
  • Data Per Hour: 192 MB 

Facetime VS Skype

 Skype and Facetime are world’s two best Video calling app used by millions of users every day. Every one of the application is quite wonderful but the thing that matters the most is amount of data used while video or voice calling. We already seen the amount of Data Facetime uses, but Skype uses more amount of data to be precise. So, I guess we all have our answers that Facetime is far better than Skype in relevance to the data used through Wi-Fi and Data.

Facetime Features – How Much Data Does Facetime Uses? 

There are many great features which make Facetime has an amazing application and got such popularity. Let us discuss some of the features below.

  • Facetime can be downloaded for free of cost 
  • You can use Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection 
  • Call anyone from any corner of the world 
  • The app interface is super cool and breezy 

Thank you guys for reading our humpty guide on the topic, whether FaceTime Uses Data or Not? If yes then how much Data Does Facetime consume. To be precise no one can tell how much data is consumed but on a general point, it consumes like 15 MB of data for 5 minutes which is pretty reasonable indeed.

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